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Quod populo similique duo te, ea eugaitper in laudem malorum epicuri, quod natum laudem malorum
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Vanessa La Blanche is the nickname my grandmother once gave me, as cheesy as it sounds. Many years later, I started my Fashion blog in 2016 with this same name. Cute right? Who I am? I'm Vanessa, 22 Years old, camerounian girl, currently living and enjoying life in Cologne. I started this Blog because I wanted a space for my own, for creativity, to express myself and show who I really am. Who I really am can not be just summed up in only a few words, lol. I would describe myself as very cheerful, strong, sometimes weak, purposeful, affectionate and extroverted. I'm probably one of those people who are always joking and laughing at the corner, even when life sucks. But I am a woman too, and as such as, I love fashion. I always loved to dress up, get new clothes, buy new Clothes, even when I didnt had the money, lol. If I should describe my Style, I would say that it's sporty and Classy at the same time. This Blog is my own space and my own Fashion Style. But I think fashion is in everyone's self. It's your own personality, and nobody can take that away from you. Clearly, the fashion magazines and Bloggers may dictate what currently may be IN or OUT. However, nobody can take your personality and your own Style away from you that's what distinguishes you from others and shows who you really are. This Blog is about Fashion, It's about Me. I will post what inspires me and what hopefully inspires you too.